Preventive and Family Medicine: Promoting a Strong Gonzales Workforce

Ascension Medical Clinic is committed to providing a comprehensive approach to workplace wellness, and it starts with family medicine. Gonzales’ workers are more productive when they aren’t distracted by concerns about the health of their families. When you feel well, you think and work better. And nothing gives you more comfort than knowing your family’s healthcare needs are taken care of.

Family medicine plays an important role in occupational wellness and prevention strategies, because a healthy home environment builds a stronger, safer work environment. You work hard to provide for your loved ones, so our experienced medical professionals work hard to provide your family with the highest quality medical care. Keeping workers and families healthy is just part of how Ascension Medical Clinic impacts the Gonzales business community.

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Occupational, Preventive
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Impacting Business by Improving
Workforce Health, Safety and Productivity