A Comprehensive Approach to Employee Wellness

An employee wellness program benefits your bottom line.

Because employees are Gonzales business’ greatest assets, the health of your workforce should be treated as an investment. The benefits of having productive workers greatly outweigh the cost of medical expenses. Improving employee wellness increases productivity and can actually reduce total cost to the employer.

At Ascension Medical Clinic, our philosophy begins with the prevention of physical symptoms. Through health coaching and education, we promote employee wellness by helping them stay safe, alert and productive on the job. And because we understand your business has its own specific requirements, Ascension Medical Clinic can help you develop a company-wide wellness program for your employees and staff.

Screenings and early detection programs recognize and address problems before they develop into serious conditions. We regularly monitor employees for risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. These prevention strategies are designed to ensure employees are performing at optimum health and to deter any potential health threats.

When illness or injury presents itself, it’s important to limit the condition’s destructive impact on function in daily life. With nearly twenty years of occupational medicine experience, Dr. Holmes and his staff provide employees with the most appropriate treatment method while following exact OSHA guidelines.

Ascension Medical Clinic is dedicated to improving productivity by keeping employees healthy and working. Our employee wellness program services include:

Promote employee wellness and see your bottom line benefit. Call Ascension Medical Clinic in Gonzales totoday!

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